Devils Bridge

Devil’s Bridge is the largest natural sandstone arch in the Sedona area. Don’t let its name fool you: it’s one of the most heavenly sights in an area famous for them.

From a trailhead elevation of 4,600 feet, there’s a mere 400 foot climb in altitude during this moderately difficult, 1.8-mile roundtrip trek. The journey to reach the top won’t leave you breathless — but we would never say the same about the views you’ll witness when you finally get there.

This popular hike has attractions for both casual hikers who lack the desire or the stamina to stray too far from civilization, and the more adventurous outdoors enthusiasts. Starting at the parking area at the Dry Creek Vista parking lot (if you are lucky enough to get a spot) and follow the trail marker that points the way to Devil’s Bridge Trail. You’ll find the early going effortless; the trail, originally built for jeep travel, is smooth and clear and leads you through washes filled with juniper and prickly pear cactus.

Photo Tip:

This area is HEAVILY trafficked and attracts huge Disney-like crowds.  What was once a well kept secret has now become a must-see location for visitors, thanks to social media ie: the ‘Gram. Expect to park on the main road and walk all the way to the trailhead, and then begin the 30 minute climb up to the bridge.  Usually a line of people will form to get a pic on the bridge itself, so be patient and bring water – maybe a book, or two. If you prefer a secluded and private setting, this might not be the best location. There are other nice areas in the vicinity that are a lot more private.

**2021 UPDATE** Due to the overwhelming popularity of this area parking is next to impossible. When the lot fills up you will need to park about an additional 1/2 mile or more on the main road before starting the 1+ mile walk down the main trail to the 30 minute uphill climb to the bridge. Please inquire for another great spot that is just as beautiful.

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