Broken Arrow Trail / Submarine Rock

Although fairly short, this trail has to be considered one of the best in Arizona. It is extremely fun to drive and the red rock scenery is knock-out beautiful. This is an extremely popular route and traffic can be very heavy at times. Pull-outs are provided. This is also a very popular hiking and mountain biking area, so be alert and courteous at all times. If you are feeling adventurous you can rent a Jeep and drive out to this location BUT I highly recommend that you contact  Pink Jeep Adventure tours  to set up and plan your wedding at this location.

As the only tour company with access to the Broken Arrow Trail, Pink Jeep can treat you and your guests to an exclusive tour opportunity that will show you the very best of the Sedona landscape, while adding a little adventure to the mix. With a ceremony at Chicken Point, a lookout point with panoramic views of the red rocks, you’ll have the perfect setting for a one-of-a-kind ceremony.

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