Why choose a local Sedona wedding photographer?

local sedona wedding photographer1.) We know the area and the best photography spots in Sedona. Yes, even the “secret” spots.

2.) A local photographer understands the challenges of the Sedona lighting and can determine the best times and locations to get the best shots possible. You want that perfect sunset photo? Not a problem! We are the sunset experts.

3.) We know everyone in town. If you need a vendor, a good restaurant or someone to plan your wedding we will be able to refer you to the right person.

4.) Hey, we are already here! No extra expenses with travel or lodging and more important, no delays. We won’t get lost trying to find your locations. We will always be on time and more than likely, a bit early.

5.) We WILL get dirty for you. Literally. We will cross any creek and tromp through mud to get the shot. See that snake, scorpion & ant infested field over there, yeah, we’re laying in that.

6.) Supporting the local economy is always nice and helps to keep our families happy. We like happy.

7.) Did I mention that we are happy? C’mon – we live in SEDONA!






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